Getting back in the swing of things: Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn

I am not going to lie. It’s been a rough few months with a roller coaster ride of emotions and spectacularly anti-climatic ending. The end of anything is always transitional but the end of your desperate willingness to have baby #2 without a pregnancy is beyond words. I didn’t choose this ending, this path. I have a lot of pent up anger and agression, sadness and pathetic hope and I’m a firm believer that stagnant energy like this is bad.

So after noticing that one of my favorite ballet workouts had a new “fat burn” DVD, I ordered it and tried it over the weekend. I have to be honest, Ballet Beautiful is a great workout but I wasn’t getting a good sweat from it and I felt like I needed that burn, so I haven’t done them in a long while.

That is not the case with this workout. The total workout is about an hour and you do Cardio intervals mixed in with Toning exercises. The toning sections cover the arms, inner thighs, abs.

You start off with a quick warm up and stretch, then go into the longest Cardio section, then abs. Back to Cardio then arms… you get the idea. By the end o the workout, my calves and thighs were aching.

I’m happy to report that I’m a delightful shade of sore today. I feel like my body was worked and I sweat – a lot! If you think Ballet is easy and there’s no power to this, I’d point you to this workout to show you how wrong you are!

If you want to purchase Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn, you can do so at Amazon or Target for about $10.


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