Goodbye Short & Stubbies! My lashes have a new love – and it’s only $3!

ELF Mineral Infused Mascara

I will freely admit it. I am a beauty snob. I DO think that if you pay more for a product, you get a higher quality product. I will pay $30 for a mascara. I will pay $25 for a Lip Gloss. This doesn’t mean I have the means to be paying so much for my products particularly when your paycheck doesn’t match your addiction (ahem, sorry honey!).

So from time to time, I go on this crazy “I’m going to find a cheap product” kick. And it usually NEVER works. And there are certain things I won’t do that with. Like Concealer. I will always pay more for concealer. It’s just worth it. But gloss? Yeah.. I’ll try Rimmel or Almay or whatever I find in Target or CVS or Harmon. Mascara? Usually no but I tried a Rimmel mascara I loved and ran out of that. So… I purchased a $3 mascara from ELF Cosmetics at Target.

I know, I know. My fellow junkies are probably gasping that I haven’t tried them before but my superior attitude mixed with my incredible stubbornness didn’t help me out here. So… I’ve finally caved and I have seen the light!

My lashes are notoriously short and blonde. I mean the hair on my head is a light brown naturally but my lashes… blonde. WTF? It’s like God’s cruel joke. And finding mascara that doesn’t absorb into said blondness is aggrevating. Blackest black looks unreal on me, brown doesn’t do it and regular black usually comes off mid-day.

ELF Cosmetics has been around for a long time. Short for Eyes Lips Face, ELF made a name for themselves for offering cosmetics for only $1. Seriously! A Dollar. Uno. One.

At first they were only online but not too long ago, I began seeing them in my local Target. I tried to not look. I tried to walk away. I caved.

ELF Mineral Infused Mascara provides not only color to define your lashes but minerals to make your lashes stronger. I’ve noticed much less fall out from my lashes since using this mascara and my lashes appear to have more volume and length than without mascara.

I will say, that I am an avid applier of Mascara. I never stop at 2 coats. I’m more of a 3 or 4 coat gal. And my more expensive products don’t clump at multiple coats. This mascara doesn’t clump at 1 coat. Starts to clump a bit at 2 and you definitely need to whip out that separator at 3 or 4. But for $3 who cares!!!

Next time you’re in Target, check it out!


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