My complexion is golden with Amazing Cosmetics VelvetMineral Pressed Powder Foundation!

Amazing Cosmetics VelvetMineral Pressed Powder Foundation in Medium Golden

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you will of course know that I love skincare. I sometimes play favorite with brands (ahem, Mario!) and express a deep love of scrubbing, but something working for Shiseido in the corporate office taught me and I’ve never forgotten is that foundation is the final part of skincare and the first step in makeup.

I have to confess, I don’t wear foundation. Ever. I might wear a Tinted Moisturizer (still loving Nars Pure Radiant) but I never, ever wear foundation. I don’t have a need. I know how that sounds… but honestly, my mother is in her 60′s and doesn’t have wrinkles! If she wore sun protection back in her 20′s, she wouldn’t even have a spot. I have worn sun protection for much of my life.

Hell, I worked for two international cosmetic companies that are famous for their sun care! I still swear by Clarins… but I digress. Foundation hasn’t ever been a priority. I swear by Amazing Cosmetics Concealer so when I was in the market to try a powder not too long ago, I bought their VelvetMineral Pressed Powder Foundation.

So the word foundation at the end scared me. I mean, did that imply heavy? The lovely Tyler at Sephora on 34th Street swore this stuff wouldn’t feel heavy and would feel silky. She was right. This powder has medium coverage, which honestly is perfect for me. It’s dense enough to cover enlarged pores on my nose and a fading blemish (UGH!) but is so fine that you don’t feel like or even look like you’re wearing powder.

One thing I love about Amazing is their “no skin tone left behind” philosophy. I have very gold skin. Not olive. Not Pink. A very yellow undertone and my biggest issue is large pores in the summer and bags under my eyes. I need a powder that isn’t going to feel caked on and heavy but is going to help minimize those problem areas while working with the yellow.

This stuff works for me. It’s paraben free, allows my skin to still breathe while maintaining a certain amount of coverage. It’s a matte finish, which I like and can be pat on with a sponge or brushed on with a kabuki brush. It’s on the expensive side at $36 but there are a few areas where you need to splurge and complexion enhancing products are one of them.

And in case you haven’t tried their concealer yet, try it! It’s the BEST concealer out there! :-)


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